Which is worse, extensive roof damage after an extreme weather event or the insurance claims process? Unfortunately, many homeowners have had an unpleasant experience with filing a claim and, therefore, have difficulty choosing the less stressful occurrence. In order to help eliminate the frustrations and reduce the confusion surrounding home insurance claims, our roofers do more than just provide you with the roofing services you need, we also offer individualized claim filing assistance for added peace of mind.

When it comes to storm damage, whether from hail, heavy rain or high winds, your insurance policy most likely offers coverage for the costs of the roof repair. Understanding how to read your policy is just the first step to ensuring that you get as much out of your claim as possible. Letting our professional roofing company in West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania help you do so is the second.

Roof Repair Financial Assistance

Before repairs begin on your roof, a complete analysis of the damage and your insurance policy will be performed, allowing your Elite Roofing estimator to gain a real perspective of how to proceed with your claim. Designed to ensure that your losses are completely covered, these assessments have helped hundreds of clients receive fair coverage for all of their damages, including those to their roof and their personal belongings as well.

Your Elite Roofing representative is happy to work through the claims process with you, allowing you to avoid the pitfalls and confusion that home insurance claims can be fraught with. Discover why Elite Roofing is the region’s leading local roofing company by scheduling your personal consultation and damage assessment now. You’ll quickly find we aren’t your average local roofers by any means!